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Machetes & Axes

DM100 Dewey Vietnam style machete

Dewey Vietnam Style Machete

DA100 Dewey Axe

All prices in Australian Dollars

DM100 Vietnam Style Machete $ 133.00
  50cm overall, 30cm blade, 4.5mm D2 steel blade, wooden handle  
DM200 Billy Hook Machete $ 110.00
  47cm overall, 30cm blade, 3.0 mm 12C27 S/S blade, wooden handle  
DA100 Small Axe $ 124.00
  34cm overall, 4,5mm D2 carbon steel, 100mm head, wooden handle, weight 640gm.  

Axe Sheath (belt carriage - $56.00

DEWEY machete with billy hook
DEWEY machete with billy hook

DEWEY Axe sheath frontDEWEY Axe sheath back
Axe sheath